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A huge congratulations to Nathan Pidd who won an award for Disabled School Sports Leader of the Year, at the Bolsover District Sports Awards on Friday 6th October hosted at Sports World conference centre.


All parents and carers wish to do their very best for their child's education and choosing the right school is a daunting task requiring the most careful and sensitive judgement. We hope that this website will give you an introduction to Stubbin Wood School & Nursery, how it is organised and what it has to offer your child.
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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Contacting the Governors:


If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, Andy Brickles, please write a letter and place it in an envelope marked 'Chair of Governors' - Private and Confidential'


The school will ensure that the envelope is passed on promptly.

Meet our Governors


Name Status End of Term of Office
Mrs Sarah Baker Headteacher Governor September 2021
Mr. Andy Brickles Co-Opted Governor - Chair February 2019
Mr. Stuart Wattam LA Governor - Vice Chair October 2017
Mrs. Carolyn Briggs Staff Governor May 2017
Mrs. Clare Storer Parent Governor November 2017
Mrs. Louise Hunt Parent Governor November 2017
Mrs. Mary Forbes-Jones Parent Governor January 2021
Mrs. Julie Buckingham Co-opted Governor - Staff February 2019
Mr. Peter Edge Co-opted Governor February 2019
Mrs. Madie Mitchell Co-opted Governor February 2019
Mrs. Sandra Peake Co-opted Governor February 2019
Mr. Frank Lord Co-opted Governor May 2021
Mr. Paul Plastow Associate Governor - Site September 2017
Mrs. Christine Dale Associate Governor - LA May 2021
Mr. Mark Cottingham Associate Governor - Co-location September 2017
Mrs. Joy Williams Associate Governor - Finance November 2017
Mrs. Marian Stockdale Associate Governor September 2017

(Quorate = 7 Governors including Headteacher)


Finance & General Purposes:                                                           Strategic Development:

Quorate = 3 Governors (inc Head teacher)                                          Quorate = 3 Governors (inc Head teacher)


Andy Brickles (Vice Chair)                                                                              Andy Brickles

Stuart Wattam (Chair)                                                                                    Stuart Wattam

Sarah Baker                                                                                                      Sarah Baker

Julie Buckingham                                                                                             Peter Edge 

Louise Hunt                                                                                                      Carolyn Briggs

Paul Plastow (A)                                                                                               Madie Mitchell           

Joy Williams (A)                                                                                                Clare Storer                    

                                                                                                              Paul Plastow (A)

                                                                                                              Joy Williams (A)


Personnel & Pupils:                                                                                        Headteacher Performance Management:                                                           

Quorate = 3 Governors (inc Head teacher)                                                 Quorate = 2 Governors  


Andy Brickles                                                                                                    Andy Brickles                

Sarah Baker                                                                                                      Stuart Wattam        

Peter Edge                                                                                                         Sandra Peake         

Madie Mitchell                                                                                                 Madie Mitchell         

Sandra Peake                                                                                                          

Marian Stockdale (A)                                                                                           


Appeals Committee:

Quorate = 3 Governors


Stuart Wattam

Sandra Peake

Clare Storer

Madie Mitchell


Responsibilities of Governors:


Nursery                                                     Carolyn Briggs

KS1/2                                                         Peter Edge

Middle                                                       Clare Storer

14 - 19                                                       Madie Mitchell

LAC                                                            Christine Dale

Safeguarding                                            Sandra Peake

Governor Training                                   Andy Brickles

Gifted & Talented/Pupil Premium         Clare Storer/Louise Hunt


Governors meetings 2017/2018