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Thank you to the students for a fantastic Christmas production! Thank you for attending our Christmas performance, all raffle prizes have now been claimed.


Message from the Headteacher
It has been another good term for the students and staff at Stubbin Wood School & Nursery and we are all very much looking forward to the final 7 days… we have a number of Christmas performances on our main site and Nursery this week and the Christmas Fair on Friday the 15th December.
Yours sincerely, Sarah Baker Headteacher
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Sixth Form - Lower Sixth Form, Upper Sixth Form

Welcome to Sixth Form!


We want to make your time in the sixth form meaningful to you, a place where you can further develop your skills and interests.


Get a copy of our Student Guide, there is lots of handy information.



What is Sixth Form about?

What is Sixth Form about? 1
What is Sixth Form about? 2
What is Sixth Form about? 3
What is Sixth Form about? 4
What is Sixth Form about? 5
What is Sixth Form about? 6
What is Sixth Form about? 7
What is Sixth Form about? 8

What we do.



What we do in Sixth Form:


·  Focus on English and Maths and ICT;

·  Activities out of school;

·  Work based learning and placements;

·  Developing independent living skills;

·  Studying for national qualifications and awards;

·  Personal and Social Development;

·  Sport and Leisure time 


You will get your timetable when you start with us!

My Timetable...

My Timetable... 1 Shopping.
My Timetable... 2 Community Links.
My Timetable... 3 Enterprise.
My Timetable... 4 Cooking.
My Timetable... 5 Travel Training.
My Timetable... 6 Duke of Edinburgh.

Sixth Form Rules.


In our Sixth Form everyone has a right to be:


·         Safe and happy.

·         Treated with respect.

·         Listened to seriously.

·         Given work they can do and

·         Helped to try new activities and skills.


In our Sixth Form everyone should:


·         Keep themselves and others safe and happy.

·         Treat others with respect.

·         Listen seriously to what others say.

·         Not stop others learning and

·         Try new activities and skills.