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Message from the Headteacher
I feel very privileged to be the Headteacher of Stubbin Wood School & Nursery, a school where you can be confident your child will be safe, happy, and have their individual needs met through our specialist teaching and interventions.
Our values are reflected in our mission statement: 'Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential.'
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Assessment Results


In September 2016, Stubbin Wood School and Nursery moved from using B-squared to assess to a platform called SOLAR, with most of the students (excluding Nursery) being assessed against the Wilson Stuart P Steps which are in line with P-scale expectation – but have been extended to allow students’ progress to be monitored to a much higher level of cognition. However the benefit we see of SOLAR as a school is that it allows us to assess pupils against other assessment systems e.g. MSI Victoria for our pupils with multiple sensory impairments. Functional skills (within KS4 and 5) and Milestone (currently for students in Year 10-14 – ultimately only students in YR 12 – 14 who are not functioning at the level of the Functional Skills assessments). In addition to this it provides us with the opportunity to add on our own in-house assessment systems which have been created linked to some of our more specialist provision e.g. Motor Learning and Hydro – thus ultimately allowing us to track progress in these areas of the student’s curriculum. All new pupils are baselined within 4 weeks of joining Stubbin Wood School and Nursery. All students within the school have now been baselined for all subjects they are taught – including the Foundation subjects to allow us to track progress across all areas of the curriculum.




Children in Nursery have their baseline assessments completed within the first two to three weeks of education (depending upon attendance and circumstance). Assessments in Nursery are ongoing and are undertaken in a range of ways, including both formal and informal observations. We assess and record the majority of observations using the online TAPESTRY system. All key workers also ensure one long observation is undertaken every term (6 a year) on every child and assessed to include next steps in learning. Children are assessed using the standard EYFS grids and the DCC small steps assessments where appropriate.




Progress towards targets is monitored throughout the year with support being provided for any pupil who is under achieving. Monitoring of progress also allows us to identify our higher attaining students and look to see if we can set up some enhanced provision to ensure their skills are acknowledged and honed as much as is possible.


Assessments are a strong tool to help us track the learning of our students. Please find our latest and past results, our assessment policy and guidelines.


All students who left us at the end of the academic year 2017-18, continued into education, employment or training. As a school we continue to check in with our past students and their families to see how they are doing.