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As we go further into the winter months, please ensure you do not send your child into school if they present with illness. If you are uncertain, please phone the school.


We are proud members of the T.E.A.M. Education Trust where 'Together Everyone Achieves More'
Our school mission: Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential.
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Curriculum & Learning

Personal Development Curriculum (Spring Term 1 2023)


Below is our Personal Development Curriculum for the current term. This is threaded through other curriculum activity throughout the week.


British values



Civic Character

Individual liberty

Making choices

Dreams and goals

Harmful substances

Time spent online (Primary)

Wise use of technology (Secondary)


Kindness Curriculum

January: Self-acceptance

February: Humility

Week 1

When do I make choices?

Week 2

Who helps me to make good choices?

Week 3

What do I want? What do I like?

Week 4

Who/what do I want to be?

Week 5

Safeguarding theme

Week 6

Reflection and next term planning

Festivals / Observances: Candlemas, Chinese New Year


Sex & Relationships (SRE) Policy - Parent Consultation (closed 7.5.21)

Following guidance from the Department for Education, we are required to incorporate SRE into our curriculum from September 2020. All schools are required to comply. At Stubbin Wood school we offer SRE education in line with statutory guidance.


As a school, and in agreement with the Governing Body and TEAM Education Trust, we have already agreed to teach the elements of sex education as set out in the Primary Science curriculum.


This is in addition to the current personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education offer.  PHSE includes sex and relationships education along with developing the social, emotional and cultural development of our students.  This learning seeks to enable our children to become independent, confident, resilient and healthy young people.


The SRE element of the curriculum is to equip children with the information they need to prepare for adult life and focuses clearly on healthy, respectful relationships with family and friends, in all contexts including online relationships. We intend for our learners to develop the skills to not only form relationships but to think about relationships with others and recognise when these relationships are positive.