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If your child is unwell with a cold or feeling 'under the weather' please do not send them to school. The new Delta variant of the virus presents itself with different symptoms in children and being careful will result in reduced transmission. Please see our 'Coronavirus - Keeping Updated' page in the Parents section on this website.


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Our school mission: Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential.
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2019-20 Experience

Welcome to the Learning Area for our Experience Students

We are setting a 3 week rolling programme for you to work with your child and this will be updated each week.

Each week we will be adding new learning activities and providing you with the support you need to get the best out of learning and to make the experience as enjoyable for you all. 


Please take a look at our Stubbin Wood PLUS area on our Student website, we are continually adding a range of fabulous ideas of how you can bring learning home.  This wide range of activities includes everything from outdoor learning, cooking to making your own learning materials.


To help see how your child is progressing with their learning we record their progress by looking at their 5 areas of engagement with each activity, we assess this through their exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation.

Click on the picture to download this document.


Experience Learning week beginning 13 July

Experience Learning week beginning 6 July

Experience Learning week beginning 29 June

Experience Learning week beginning 22 June

Experience Learning week beginning 15 June

Experience Learning week beginning 8 June

Experience Learning week beginning 1 June

Experiencer Learning week beginning 25 May

Experiencer Learning week beginning 18 May

Experiencer Learning week beginning 11 May

Experiencer Learning week beginning 20 April

Experiencer Learning week beginning 13 April

Experiencer Learning: Week beginning 6 April

Learning Plan for students to 10 April - Updated 6 April

Learning for Experience students- week beginning 30 March 2020