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If your child is unwell with a cold or feeling 'under the weather' please do not send them to school. The new Delta variant of the virus presents itself with different symptoms in children and being careful will result in reduced transmission. Please see our 'Coronavirus - Keeping Updated' page in the Parents section on this website.


Welcome to Stubbin Wood School & Nursery
We are pleased to be members of the T.E.A.M. Education Trust where 'Together Everyone Achieves More'
Our school mission: Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential.
Home Page

Helping your child to learn

Each week we are uploading new lesson plans for students in each Key Stage which we hope will be interesting and inspire your child to continue their lessons at home.  Sometimes, we need to think about different ways of learning and we are adding ideas and websites to this page to give you further help.  Of course, if you have any questions or need some advice to help your child, please do not hesitate to contact their class teacher.

Do you Widgit? (supporting learning with symbols)

With so many children learning from home to help fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have put together a collection of tools and ready-made materials to help parents, teachers and carers who use symbols to support their children and young people.  Students at Stubbin Wood are very familiar with these symbols and you might find that it's helpful to develop your own or to use the ones we use to support learning.