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Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential

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To keep in touch with your child’s progress please join us for Parents Evening on Wednesday 5 February, 3.30-5.30 pm. Looking forward to seeing you, Stubbin Wood.


Message from the Headteacher
I feel very privileged to be the Headteacher of Stubbin Wood School & Nursery, a school where you can be confident your child will be safe, happy, and have their individual needs met through our specialist teaching and interventions.
Our values are reflected in our mission statement: 'Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential. Inclusion is the centre of our ethos and day to day working practices as "Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success" cannot be achieved without it. It is therefore part of the role of every member of staff.
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Generous Donation Received on behalf of Albert Thornton

The Great Grandmother and Grandmother of one of our pupils has today donated to our school a total of £322.00 in tribute to Albert Thornton who died on 25th March 2017 aged 93. He was the Great Grandfather of the pupil and wanted the money to benefit local children with cerebral palsy and for our school to use the donation in this respect. 


We want to thank the family for their thoughtfulness and generosity.