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Message from the Headteacher
I feel very privileged to be the Headteacher of Stubbin Wood School & Nursery, a school where you can be confident your child will be safe, happy, and have their individual needs met through our specialist teaching and interventions.
Our values are reflected in our mission statement: 'Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential. Inclusion is the centre of our ethos and day to day working practices as "Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success" cannot be achieved without it. It is therefore part of the role of every member of staff.
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Parents Comments

Welcome to the Comments page.


We have added this page to publish comments that we receive from parents for the public to view. If you have any comment to add to this page then please email us through the contact tab.


Comments 2018/19:

" Fantastic school, my child is a different child since coming to Stubbin Wood. This is certainly a happy place".


"My child has progressed beyond anything I could imagine whilst being at this school".

"Stubbin Wood has been amazing for both my child, they have come on leaps and bounds! The teachers are amazing!!!!"


"I love this school"



Zack's mum:

"Since coming to Stubbin Wood it almost feels as though Zack has "come alive". It is an absolute delight to share his excitement through his naive eyes it is also lovely to hear him talk about friends"


What Premier Inn staff said about the children:

"I think the children are well mannered and polite and we appreciate that"


Fabe's mum:

"Massive improvement all round noticed in Fabion, such a lovely report.Huge thanks to all at nursery involved in providing Fabe with such a wonderful foundation to his education. Fabe clearly loves nursery very much"


Heath's mum:

"Thank you for all your time and support it has been a pleasure to have you all looking out for Heath in his nursery experience"


Olivia's mum:

"The support she is receiving is giving her confidence to try new things and this reflecting at home, especially in her mobility"










Christmas Concert 2018 Comments.


Thomas’ mum:

‘I really enjoyed watching the play! All the children did fantastic!’


Isaac’s dad:

‘We really enjoyed the Christmas Play. Everyone involved was amazing. All the staff & children deserve a massive pat on the back for all of your hard work. We are so pleased that Isaac wore his camel costume he looked brilliant!’


Joshua’s family wrote in his home school diary:

‘ The show was really brilliant. All the children did really well. Joshua looked a picture. I’m coming again today and can’t wait to see it again!’