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Sex & Relationships Policy

Sex & Relationships Policy - Parent Consultation April 2021


Following guidance from the Department for Education, we are required to incorporate SRE into our curriculum from September 2020. All schools are required to comply. At Stubbin Wood school we will be offering an SRE education in line with statutory guidance.

We have reviewed our SRE curriculum and the Trust have reviewed the Sex & Relationships Education Policy to ensure that it complies with guidance and is appropriate for the students at our school.

As a school, and in agreement with the Governing Body and TEAM Education Trust, we have already agreed to teach the elements of sex education as set out in the Primary Science curriculum.

This is in addition to the current personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education offer.  PHSE includes sex and relationships education along with developing the social, emotional and cultural development of our students.  This learning seeks to enable our children to become independent, confident, resilient and healthy young people.

The SRE element of the curriculum is to equip children with the information they need to prepare for adult life and focuses clearly on healthy, respectful relationships with family and friends, in all contexts including online relationships. We intend for our learners to develop the skills to not only form relationships but to think about relationships with others and recognise when these relationships are positive.

Before we put our plans in place we are consulting parents and carers. We would have ideally liked to do this face-to-face and invite you to attend a special meeting to discuss this. COVID-19 limitations make this impossible. Therefore, we have placed the Draft SRE Policy onto this website for you to review.  We have also prepared a presentation to accompany this which explains how we plan, teach and assess the SRE curriculum.

Following this consultation with parents, we will update our SRE curriculum, taking into consideration feedback from parents along with the feedback already received from staff and governors. Once governors have agreed with all aspects of our curriculum, we will share finalised policies with you on our website and will implement our curriculum. Stubbin Wood content is in line with DFE guidance.

Please share your feedback with Mrs Carolyn Briggs by emailing the school email address ( and marking it ‘SRE consultation feedback’ for the attention of Mrs C Briggs.


This consultation period will end on Friday 7 May 2021 and therefore, all feedback will be required on or before this date.