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Message from the Head Teacher
I feel very privileged to be the Headteacher of Stubbin Wood School & Nursery, a school where you can be confident your child will be safe, happy, and have their individual needs met through our specialist teaching and interventions.
Our values are reflected in our mission statement: 'Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success and reach their potential. Inclusion is the centre of our ethos and day to day working practices as "Creating opportunities for everyone to achieve success" cannot be achieved without it. It is therefore part of the role of every member of staff.
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TEAM Trust Challenges

Welcome to the T.E.A.M. Education Trust Challenge Page

Each term, the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, Mrs Baker, sets out a challenge for all schools to take part in.  Previous challenges have included enterprise and learning challenges.  

The Challenge for May 2020 is to take part in May Mindfulness

In Roman times, on the first day of May, it was considered to be the sacred day of the goddess Flora (who was responsible for the flowers).  Romans would march in flower parades and celebrate the flowers and new life to come.


In days gone by, our forebears would erect maypoles on the village green, children would go to the woods to gather mayflowers (hawthorn blossom) and decorate the maypole.  Girls would wear their prettiest dresses because they wanted to be the May Queen.  The victorious Queen would then be paraded through the village and lead the dancing and riotous fun.


What were you doing on the first of May last year? We guess it might have been like most other days - busy and nothing special.  This global pandemic has reshaped our lives and, for now, we have time to think and be mindful. 


This month's TEAM Education Trust CEO Challenge is called 'May Mindfulness'.  We have developed a series of activities to 'work through' the month of May - these are designed to help our school community (that's all of us, our children and their families, our governors and their families) the opportunity to take a moment to do something different and to reflect.


The Challenge also chimes closely with the values of the TEAM Education Trust around trying new things, mindfulness, being conscious of the people around us (to name a few).


To take part:

  1. Click here to see the Mindful May activities – there’s one for each day so you could follow them day by day (but you don’t have to if you don't wish).
  2. Send a photo of your child or any family member doing ‘Mindful’ things (only in line with the activities please) to Miss Ludlam who will keep a record to  We like to share these pictures on our Twitter page, please do let us know if you would prefer us not to do this.

We really look forward to seeing what everyone does to take part!


The Challenge for April 2020 is the Reading Challenge

We are asking that as many of our pupils and their families, staff and governors read as many books as they can.


The books can be in whatever individual format they can access stories and books; this might be reading a book, listening to a story or songbook, a sensory or tactile story, braille, text in symbols or audiobook.


Once complete, readers are asked to write a short review of up to 280 characters, or again, produce a review in an accessible format, such as writing in symbols, photos, voice dictation, or written on behalf of an individual.


Once completed, these reviews can be sent to Miss Ludlam, our Collaboration Manager, who will monitor the uptake of the challenge and tweet these reviews on the TEAM Education Trust Twitter account @TEAMtogether.


The pictures below show some of our staff enjoying reading in a little quiet time for themselves.